With a 226 megawatt capacity, the Paugan Dam has the second greatest capacity of any dam in the Outaouais. This "run of the river" dam is part of Hydro-Quebec's vast energy infrastructure. Hydro-Québec, a provincially owned corporation based in Montréal, is Canada's largest utility corporation. Plans includes a 25000 square foot facility, on 95 acres of company-owned land. The farm will be powered entirely by one of the cleanest and most reliable energy sources in the world. The watershed of the region will provide the farm with irrigation needs, and NORTHBUD will give back with a state-of-the-art water recycling facility.


The historic route 105 wi‍‍‍nds from Gatineau through rugged Canadian wilderness to Grand Remous Quebec.


The farm is the single greatest step to leading the industry towards NORTHBUD's vision of an ethical, sustainable and healthy future. By having control over our own crops, we can provide the market with the products, services and innovations that the public wants and needs, at the quality that they deserve.



Ryan Brown, Founder and CEO
North Bud Farms Inc.



‍The Joule effect is the energy loss that occurs from the power plant to the source of the energy consumption. By building a site in close proximity to its energy source, NORTHBUD‍‍‍ is setting a new standard in energy efficiency, scalability, conservation and sustainability.‍‍‍



Quebec's hydroelectric infrastructure is the best choice for a clean, powerful‍‍‍ and low-cost energy source. By building our farm close to this source, as well as in close proximity to both the masses of the Québec and Ontario markets, we are setting a new standard in environmental responsibility combined with business sustainability.



Pete Souchen, Business Development
North Bud Farms Inc.



The Paugan Dam is Hydro Quebec's second largest dam in the Outaouais.



The NORTHBUD farm will be an environmentally conscious facility, providing the newly legalized Canadian market with‍‍‍ pharmaceutical-grade and food-grade cannabis, from a diverse genetic library.





The NORTHBUD farm site is located in the northern part of the Municipality of Low, within 10 kilometres of the Paugan Electric Station, powered by the historic and environmentally significant Gatineau River watershed. The site is 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa.



The NORTHBUD Farm will be powered entirely by a clean and sustainable energy source: nature herself. Our pharma-grade and food-grade cannabis will be fuelled by one of the world's most consistent, clean and powerful energy grids.‍‍‍





We are building a cannabis production facility located on 95 acres of company-owned agricultural farmland in the Municipality of Low in ‍‍‍Quebec, Canada. The facility will focus on two verticals: GMP standardized production to be used by ou‍‍‍r pharmaceutical commercialization partners, and food-grade extracted inputs.