Canada is the first G7 Country to fully legalize cannabis, opening up doors for research, commercialization, development and innovation at an unprecedent‍‍‍ed scale. As the capital city, Ottawa houses many key decision makers driving a global paradigm shift.


We're located in a majestic, nature-filled and historic region of Canada. This is where we live, work and play.


Nestled in the picturesque and historic Gatineau Hills, our offices are located in Chelsea, Québec, a 10 minute drive north of Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Chelsea is a renowned tourist destination, with forests that are lined with cross-country skiing, biking and hiking trails run by the National Capital Commission. The area is world renowned as a tourism and outdoor-adventure hotspot. It's an inspiring and supportive place, which has empowered NORTHBUD on its journey as leaders for Legalization 2.0.
Ottawa is the world's capital for Cannabis legalization, housing key decision makers, regulatory bodies and industry associations that are shaping cannabis legalization for Canada, a country that is boldly establishing a leadership foothold in the emergence of a global industry.


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38 Scott Road

Chelsea, Québec

J9B 1R5


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Our farm is located 45 minutes north of ‍‍‍‍Ottawa, Canada's capital and the legislative centre of world cannabis legalization.